Why Hotels Are Better For Laying Artificial Grass

- Apr 23, 2018-

First, the user base of hotels and clubs is not the same

Hotels and clubs face different customer groups. Most of the guests in the hotel are traveling and meeting. Only a few of them may like to play or play golf. Most of the guests staying do not play for the purpose, while the golf course guests go to the club for the purpose of playing. Therefore, golf courses use green grass, and hotels should choose artificial turf more suitable.

golf artificial grass 38.jpgSecond, the requirements of the different golf courses Golf course lawn is particularly delicate, ordinary shoes or sports shoes are easy to damage the green, so some golf courses have mandatory regulations, guests must wear nailed golf shoes to allow the end. The price per pair of shoes ranges from 600 to 1,000 yuan. Non-golfers may not have professional golf shoes. The hotel's golf artificial turf is the hotel's entertainment and sports facilities. These artificial turf recreation and sports facilities should be used by as many residents as possible. If this part of non-golfers is excluded, the green will become ready for only a few people. The game. The solution to the contradiction is to use artificial turf, artificial turf does not require shoes, stability is particularly good, artificial turf has a long service life, artificial turf allows each interested guest to go up at any time to feel the golf atmosphere of your hotel. This truly reflects the uniqueness of your resort hotel (It is understood that the greens of the hotels in non-golf courses in China are all artificial greens.

Third, the appropriate level of expertise is not the same for artificial and non-professionals, and real grass is not particularly suitable for non-professionals. Because a guest who is not very likely to play golf, he may hit the ball with the P-bar on the green. This will leave a deep scratch on the green, and half-month maintenance may not be able to recover. In addition, some children will run and play on the grass, which will cause irreparable damage to the green.

In summary, artificial turf is actually more suitable for hotels than real grass.