Where To Buy Artificial Gras In China

- Jan 17, 2018-

Artificial turf is picking up big time in China and is a very visable business model as well.

SkyroadTurf gives you a clear image to about artificial grass. We have produced and exported artificial grass to European markets of USA, England, south American market like Chile, Peru. And we also do the construction of installation on our venues and have seen excellent results. SKYROAD Turf products are noticeably much superior to the others.

The cost varies depending on the level of quality and cushioning you want to attain. We gain mature technology of grass yarn and backing which can reach the standard of internation and FIFA quality and the same for base construction and material etc. With a 6-8-year warranty and brilliant quality, this actually works out cheaper over the long run. The poor quality turf will have to be replaced in 1–2 years and cost you a whole lot more. In turf, you’re paying a bit more because you’re going to save more.

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