What Should You Do To Choose The Right Artificial Turf?

- Apr 26, 2018-

Before purchasing artificial grass you should:

Ask suppliers for free samples that can be sent in the post or picked up if local.

● Check the supplier’s website for guarantee details (you will find most are 5 years but some are between 6 and 10 years). You can check for testimonials from other customers too.

● If you can install the turf yourself then consider a ‘buy only’ service.

● Make sure you compare like for like prices (not just what product is cheapest).

● Make sure that you include all delivery, installation and maintenance costs before buying.

landscape grass 12.jpg

If you are unsure on what high-quality artificial grass looks like, it should have:

◆ A realistic looking finish rather than a plastic look.

◆ A soft texture that feels nice on the skin (this is particularly important if you have children).

◆ Good quality holed latex to allow for effective drainage.

◆ A high blade density so that it looks lush and not patchy.

If you cannot install the turf yourself you should ask the following when seeking out an installation service:

■ To look through the company portfolio of recent installations.

■ Look out for any corporate work carried out by the team as this will indicate a good reputation.

■ If possible visit a showroom to see examples in person.

■ Ask what materials and tools are used to install the turf so that you know exactly what finish you should expect.

■ Be sure that all costs, including groundwork and leveling, is included.

■ Make sure you ask for a full breakdown of costs.

■ If you feel that you will be able to install the grass yourself look at ‘how-to’ guides online as you will save yourself a lot of money on installation costs.

If you do choose to have your artificial grass installed by a professional, make sure you follow these steps to ensure the job has been completed correctly:

1. The imitation grass rolls are glued down section by section and there should be no seams visible.

2. Inspect the edges of the grass to make sure it is flush against the paving area and any decorative borders. There should be no visible gaps.

3. Be assertive with your installers and ask for any changes to be made either on the day or before you hand over the final payment for the job. If there is a dispute you should take photographs so that you can dispute with the managerial team.

Choosing Your Artificial Grass

Once you decided on an artificial grass supplier to purchase from and you have a plan on who will install the grass, it is now time to buy your grass.

You will want to consider the following:

▲ Your budget. Artificial grass is very reasonably priced and is cost-effective whatever you buy, but, as mentioned earlier, you should always buy the best quality that you can.

▲ Think about how you will use the grass and what you generally do in the garden. For example, if you have children you may want grass underneath play equipment, or if you enjoy sports you may want to have lines drawn on to play games

▲ You will want your grass to be pet or child-friendly if you have a family and you will need to think about the quality of grass, dependent on the footfall that is expected.

You can choose from one single color or even a multitone effect if you are feeling creative. By using different lengths of grass and densities, you will give your garden a more natural look, adding depth to the finished look.