What Affect The Performance Of Wear-resistance

- Feb 06, 2018-

Artificial turf as a alternative of natural turf, it not only has performance of sports turf but also requires  high intensity and wear resistance for it frequent daily use. However, is there any factor that will give effect to the performance of wear-resistance?

1. Shape of yarn. There are many kinds of grass shape, such as S type, C type, V type, diamond type, mesh type and so on, different type has different wearability. Diamond grass yarn is the best wearable performance of grass and is the first choice for high-intensity sports venues as well.

2. The production of technology. The raw material of artificial turf has good chemical properties, high strength, but poor hardness and load capacity, for artificial turf is frequently used and easy to wear and tear. Therefore, improving the production process and material formula is to enhance ability of anti-wear.

3. Infillings. the general proportion of infillings is 3/4 of grass height to ensure the performance of sports and wont cause the breakage of yarn while exposed outside.

4.Environment. The environment is also one of the factors that affect the wear-resistance of the lawn.

5.Maintenance. artificial turf maintenance is essential, weather it is wearable, this depends largely on the maintenance after use. The maintainers should regularly fill the materials of quartz and rubber granules to make the site original but also to avoid the wear of grass for its fallen and tread.