Unqualified Artificial Lawn Will Hurt People

- Apr 13, 2018-

Unqualified artificial turf has the following hazards: The first is that the sports performance is not up to standard, which will result in a failed court experience, which is unfavorable for the training of the players; there are also safety hazards that cause skin burn injuries to the player, and poor aging and abrasion resistance. It will cause grass silk to fall off quickly and even powder, and inhale into the lungs to cause health hazards. Third, it will cause pollution to the soil and environment due to excessive heavy metals. Finally, it will give students toxic chemicals that contain excessive levels of carcinogens, including carcinogens. Health risks.

Tian Jing, the vice chairman of the Football Association of Chongqing Yongchuan District, has been committed to the promotion of campus football. He found that the artificial grass-like grass-leaf synthetic fibers produced some dust due to wear and tear. He wondered whether these dust would enter the children's respiratory tract and endanger their health.

In this regard, Prof. Li Qi, an expert in respiratory medicine at the Third Military Medical University, said that although he has not encountered any cases of respiratory diseases caused by exposure to artificial turf, the expansion of the use of artificial turf needs attention. If the quality of the artificial turf is not qualified, some dust may cause respiratory diseases; at the same time, even if the quality of the artificial turf is qualified, if it is not cleaned regularly, dust will accumulate, which may cause some children's respiratory allergies to cause asthma and other diseases.

Wang Chao, an executive director of the Fujian Xipan Dengchao Club, who was a Chinese Super League player, believes that students who play football over the age of 12 cannot use the artificial turf. This can easily cause damage to students' ankles, knee joints, waist, and back spine. Training is only for training some projects on artificial turf. From 13 to 16 years old, it is the most critical period of adolescent development. Therefore, care must be taken to avoid various injuries.

Mirosi bluntly stated that artificial turf on Chinese campuses is too thin. Such lawns are too easy to injure children. He said that long-term play on such a thin artificial lawn is harmful to children. This kind of harm is imperceptible. When pupils are light, they kick on a thin artificial turf and cannot notice them at first. However, as the weight increases, the sustained damage will gradually accumulate until they reach the age of fifteen or six. With a significant increase in weight, the injury has already formed.