Typical Putting Green Installation

- Sep 25, 2018-

Compact base 1-2 inches thicker than your standard base. Always use road base first to compact and isolate putting green area only. Install 1/8 inch of silica sand on top of the compacted base layer.

If you are using a Polyputt or Nylon putting green, set the cups at the grade level. If you are using a Trueputt product, set the cups 5/8 inch above the final grade level. Cut and shape the green and attached your fringe. Use a viber plate to distribute the sand infill into the putting green materials.

A typical Nylon or Polyputt installation will take one day to complete, whereas a typical TruePutt installation will take two to three days to complete.

Pet installation:

Artificial turf deodorizer is applied on top of the base layer in order to neutralize the ammonia smell emitted from pet urine. A drainage membrane will be layered on top of the base in order to account for proper drainage. Proceed with a typical synthetic grass installation and incorporate Envirofill mixed with more artificial turf deodorizer. A typical synthetic grass installation for pets can take between one and three days to complete, depending on the square footage of the install.