The Many Colors Of Artificial Turf

- Aug 22, 2018-

Sometimes the grass isn’t always greener…it can be pinker, bluer or even purple-er. Ordinary synthetic grass blends in to any natural environment with slight adjustments to the green color tones for added depth. It makes an ideal landscape for any private or public property, however, if you’re name is not Dr. Seuss, this might come as a shock: You can now purchase synthetic turf in pinks, greys, browns as well as other hues like black, red and turquoise blue! Oh the things you can do!

Ok–now that we have channeled our inner ‘Seuss,’ we encourage you to think outside the proverbial green box and consider our many shades of color turf for your poolside, playground landscape, sports field or product-in-progress! Because life is better in COLOR!

Colorful Grass-1.jpg

Liberate your creative self with Everlast Turf Color Turf! Available in color swatches ranging from a classy Slate Gray to a bubbly Pink Blend, Color Turf is a great way to make home applications stand out from the crowd!

Each color turf product is a soft polyethylene turf that stands at .75 inches tall and has a face weight of 36 ounces. Color Turf products showcase dual blade color tones and also feature a thatch layer that is slightly lighter than the face yard for a special eye-popping experience.

Color Turf makes a wonderful addition to any deck, patio, office or pet pad! The synthetic turf backing features a tuft bind technology as well as perforation, so clean up after entertainment, pets or children is simple, quick and easy!

Backed by our 8-10 year warranty, Color Turf products are the perfect option to showcase space’s unique quality. Add a little accent to your decor with Color Turf synthetic grass products!

Common uses:

  1. Patios, rooftops, balconies

  2. Dog runs

  3. Trade shows

  4. Campgrounds, RV’s

  5. Office decor