Some Tips For Using Artificial Turf Cushions

- May 30, 2018-

In order to better protect the artificial turf, improve the quality of use and prolong its service life, it is recommended that the user pay attention to the following matters:

t is forbidden to smoke in the venue, set off fireworks, etc.; it is forbidden to carry food (other than pure water) into the venue; it is forbidden to directly contact the lawn with oil, corrosive and other chemicals; it is forbidden to wear sports shoes with nails of 9mm or more; Heavy equipment and unnecessary traffic vehicles enter the site; heavy objects are forbidden to accumulate on the lawn for a long time; it is forbidden to pierce, strike and cut the lawn with sharp tools and hard objects; and it is not allowed to intentionally lift the bottom and destructively pull the grass line and suture the interface. Department; etc.; In the case of less rainfall, artificial watering can be used to clean the grass line dirt; appropriate control of the frequency of use of the site, in order to have enough time to level the site of the filling material (using special equipment or tweezers); Adhere to a monthly cleaning and maintenance, timely cleaning of the garbage on the site; as much as possible to avoid cleaning the site during high temperature; often check the suture for loose, bottom damage, tearing, burning and other phenomena, such as degumming, wear, etc. Problems should be promptly given maintenance and repair; due to the loss of filling materials caused by rain erosion, sweeping, intense movement, etc., it should be carried out in time. Charge, to ensure that the site is always in good good state of motion.

As the filler rubber hardens, over time, the filler layer sinks and the particles sink, compressing into a thick layer. This wear process can be minimized through proper maintenance. Rubber itself will also harden with the passage of time and will seriously degrade the athletic performance of the stadium. If the fiber is still in good condition at this time, then re-repair will be an option; if the fiber is worn out, the course will need to be modified to lay a new artificial lawn.