Soccer artificial grass classifications

- Jan 15, 2018-

Football turf - professional

The artificial turf of the professional soccer field is a new sports lawn after the technical innovation of Shanghai SKYROAD. The grass yarn is PE type that anti-ultraviolet, fireproof and non-slip.


1. Excellent simulation performance and sports performance

2. Good elasticity and can prevent the yarn from shedding in high intensity of movement

3. Anti-UV and anti-skid, protect the athletes from harm

4. Good Water seepage ability, low maintenance costs

Application: For large and medium-sized stadiums, and other professional venues

Football turf - Public

The artificial turf for public is our classic sports lawn of Shanghai SKTROAD, which is made of fire-proof and UV-resistance PE grass yarn that protects the athlete from harm.


1. High degree of simulation and feel safe

2. High wear-resistance of grass fiber, anti-aging properties, anti-UV performance

3  Free from routine maintenance

4. Economy, the general package can be 5-8 years of service life, cost savings.

Application:For small and medium-sized gymnasium, social public places

Football turf - school

The artificial turf of the school soccer field is a sports lawn developed by Shanghai SKYROAD for educational institutions. It is made of UV-resistant and color-resistant PE grass yarn. The grass yarn has good elasticity and strong friction so as to facilitate students to arry out various activities on the venue.


1. Easy to clean and maintain

2. Evergreen all seasons, all-weather use throughout the year

3. Has a strong anti-aging ability

4. Does not contain heavy metals and harmful chemicals, healthy and environmental-friendly

5. The useful life of up to 6-8 years

Application: Campus football field dedicated

Football turf - free of infilling

Straight curved mixed grass, the highest density up to 18900 while highest Dtex value up to 15000. It's a newly launched one soccer grass that well fits on the sports field. 


1. Straight mixed grass, density and dtex high

2. Straw high wear resistance, good elasticity

3. High degree of simulation, exercise performance number

4. Free filling quartz sand and rubber particles

Application:Grass is free from infilling quartz and rubber granules and can be used on soccer fields or other sports grounds