School Playground Spiration From Skyroad Turf

- Feb 11, 2018-

It goes without saying that school has changed a great deal over the last twenty years.  Those pencils are traded in for computer keyboards.  And the books for laptops and tablets.

Neither is recess on the playground.

artificial grass for playground

Over the last few years, there has been a serious push to install synthetic turf in more playgrounds than ever before.  A synthetic turf playground is a very low maintenance alternative to natural grass, where someone has to mow and weed.  And if schools don’t stay on top of the maintenance of their natural grass play space, the grass gets worn down and is gone in a matter of weeks.

synthetic turf for playground

A synthetic turf playground system eliminates the need to worry about maintenance.

Skyroad Turf offers numerous artificial grass that are certified by Quality Management System and can meet critical requirements of test. Imagine a green playground that looks like natural grass, performs better than natural grass.