Sample For Artificial Grass Procurement

- Feb 05, 2018-

A successful artificial grass venue is from a good choice of artificial grass and it comes to us that it can be difficult to know which is the best synthetic turf for ourselves.

For there are many suppliers in China who are offering different types artificila grass with different grass thickness, fiber types and colors.

The first thing to do when choosing the best artificial grass is to request samples from suppliers. Once you have the samples, start by looking for the one that you think is the most visually suitable.

Firstly, you can compare the samples to your real grass to check them for realism, and secondly, so that you get an idea of their true color. For there is big difference in color when in pictures or even exposed in outdoor and indoor site due to the different lighting conditions.

However, making a decision based on aesthetics alone is unfortunately not enough when deciding which is the best artificial grass.

Once you have chosen the grass that you prefer aesthetically, it’s important to then take a closer look in order to know if it’s the best artificial grass for you, including establishing whether the quality is up to scratch.

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