Quality of artificial grass

- Jan 12, 2018-

Primary artificial grass to their quality depends on the following essentials: pile height, Dtex, density, backing, and phycical properties. 

1. pile height: the choice of grass height depends on what the grass used for. For landscaping, 

it can be customizd from 20mm to 45mm while 50-60mm for football field,

2. Dtex: this means the total grass weight of ten thousands meters. and to some extent, 

the higher Dtex, the better quality.

3. Density: the density determines the tactile of softness. The regular density of landscaping grass is 14700/16800/18900stitches/㎡ and 10500stitches/㎡ for sports grass.

4. Backing: there are backing tpyes of SBR and PU which the PU backing is produced with higher factory skill as well as price.

5. Life span: Artificial grass quality of life excepted with the resistance to UV ray, color-fading and aging. Different form natural grass, artificial grass has a lasting life span with 6-8 years

6. Phycical properties: there are some factors that can affect the quality of artificial grass: UV-resistance and anti-aging.For its exposure to the outsides, the factory commomly adopt the high phycical performance grass yarn.