Players Fasted + Not Suitable For Artificial Turf! The Culprit For The First Defeat In The Saudi World Cup Defeat!

- Jun 25, 2018-

Beijing time at 23 o'clock on the June 14th, 2018 Russian World Cup opener, the host team Russian team 5-0 at home to sweep the Asian team Saudi Arabia, creating the World Cup opener history second record.

The Russian team is ranked 70th in the world, and the Saudi Arabia team is ranked 67th in the world. From the ranking point of view, the gap between the two sides should not be too great, but the score of the game has caused the outside world to be surprised. Why are the two teams similar in strength? The team will score 5 goals, which is not normal.

The reason why the Saudi team lost 5 goals in the opening game, the player's fasting and the opening turf of the open court Luzhniki Stadium are inextricably linked. The Saudis belong to the Muslim nation and are now in the Muslim Ramadan period, according to the Islamic tradition in Ramadan. During the period from sunrise to sunset, it is forbidden to eat, so this will definitely affect the Saudi players' competitive status. The big score loss in this game has a direct relationship with this custom.

Saudi Arabia is one of the richest countries in the world. Although Saudi Arabia belongs to the tropical desert region, the Saudi stadium turf is a high-quality natural turf. The turf at the Luzhniki Stadium of the World Cup opener is not entirely artificial turf. Considering the weather conditions in Moscow, the Luzhniki Stadium uses a mixture of turf made of natural grass and artificial grass, which makes it accustomed to high quality. The West Asians who played football on the natural grass court were very uncomfortable. In this game, the number of times the Saudi team players fell to the ground and the errors in passing the ball were many. The stadium turf did bring a relatively large impact to the technical team that pays attention to the foot. This is related to the course of the turf.

Although Muslims' Ramadan and turf on the opener's court did have a greater impact on Saudi players, it is undeniable that the Russian team played a beautiful game with the attention of 80,000 fans on the spot and Russian President Vladimir Putin. The team's performance is indeed worse than the home team.