New Breakthrough For Artificial Turf! BASF Introduces A New Generation Of Light Stabilizer Tinuvin XT 55

- Apr 12, 2018-

BASF introduced Tinuvin® XT 55, a new generation of light stabilizers.

From April 24th to 27th, CHINAPLAS 2018 will be on stage. BASF will launch Tinuvin® XT 55, a new generation of light stabilizer, to make stadiums and landscaping artificial turf more durable, while improving the production process.

In artificial turf and other applications, Tinuvin XT 55 enhances the ability of polyethylene monofilament fibers to withstand harsh weather conditions such as long-term UV exposure, temperature fluctuations and high temperatures, and environmental pollutants.

BASF said that in addition to the required light and heat stability regulations, manufacturers are also facing industrial manufacturing challenges. Fibre and tape production process problems and frequent suspension of production can easily lead to capacity reduction and uneven quality. Tinuvin XT 55 does not increase the entrainment of moisture, ensuring continuous uninterrupted operation of the production line. In addition, this new solution also facilitates the adjustment of doses and other formulation ingredients, resulting in higher cost-effectiveness.

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At the 2018 Chinaplas, BASF will also exhibit its innovative plastic track material, EPTU (Foamed Thermoplastic Polyurethane). In recent years, BASF has jointly launched Durable City's environmentally-friendly durable plastic runway series, which subverts traditional track materials with its superior characteristics and has won the popularity of schools and stadiums. While solving the “problem runway” storm, it also enhanced the image of the industry and promoted technological progress in the entire industry. This time, BASF has once again brought new solutions for artificial turf, which will increase the durability of artificial turf and enhance its ability to withstand harsh climate and environmental conditions. At the same time, the excellent processing performance of Tinuvin XT 55 will help improve the quality of artificial turf.