Morris Williams Track & Field Stadium Opens Monday

- Aug 29, 2018-

DURHAM, N.C. – With the completion of Morris Williams Track and Field Stadium, the facility will officially open to the public Monday, Jan. 19. Located adjacent to Koskinen Stadium on the west side of the newly constructed Kennedy Tower, the new track & field arena will be home to the Blue Devils for many years to come. 

 “2015 is a great new beginning for both Duke track & field and the Durham running community,” Director of Track & Field Norm Ogilvie said. “We couldn’t be happier with the way this facility turned out. We had some input on the design, but they far exceeded our expectations. Congratulations to the people who constructed it.”

While the stadium will be reserved for the Duke track & field teams during practice hours, community members will have access to the outdoor track on a daily basis.

“(The public) will have the opportunity every night to work out,” Ogilvie said. “If they’re early risers, they can come in from dawn until 8:30 in the morning, so plenty of opportunities for the public to use the track, as well. We invite everyone to come test it out.”

Track Details

  • Morris Williams Track and Field Stadium at Duke University is one of the finest track & field facilities in the ACC and the NCAA.

  • This dedicated track & field facility is the new home of the men and women’s varsity track & field teams.

  • The facility meets all of the rules and regulations of the NCAA.     

  • Track Oval:

    • Eight lanes with each lane being 42 inches wide.

    • Radius of the track oval is 115,000 feet.

    • Sprints and hurdles can take place on both straights to allow for changes in the wind.

    • The steeplechase water jump is located in the preferred and fastest location inside the first part of second turn.

    • There is a walkway all the way around the outside perimeter of the track oval that allows spectators, athletes and coaches full access to any event around the facility.

    • The infield is a high performance vertically draining natural grass field with irrigation.

    • The IAAF approved, world-class, high-end synthetic surface is by Beynon Sports Surfaces. There are 8,820 square yards of red and green polyurethane called the BSS-1000 tuned system with embedded EPDM granules.

  • Jumping Events:

    • Inside the home straight are the dual long/triple jump runways with sand pits at both ends of the runway to accommodate changes in wind.

    • Inside the back straight are the dual pole vault runways with two landing pads at each end. This allows two vaults to occur at the same time and to accommodate the changes in wind.

    • Two additional pole vault runways are located in the D-area. These too are designed to accommodate the directional changes in the wind.

    • The extra-large D-area will allow two high jumps to occur at the same time.

  • Throwing Events:

    • There are two dedicated shot put areas located on the infield.

    • The infield also has the combined hammer and discus cage. There are extra protective nets along the long/triple runways and the pole vault runways for added protection.

    • The javelin runway is located in the D-area; no conflict with the two high jump areas.

  • Amenities:

    • Seating for 500 at the common finish line. Areas around the oval for additional temporary seats and team tents.

    • Restrooms and concessions.