Maintenance Of Artificial Grass In Winter

- Jan 24, 2018-

There is a commonly asked question: weather the winter do affection to artificial grass? Can I walk on my artificial lawn during winter? Does the cold, snow and frost damage my lawn?

Winter cold is not a problem for Skyroad artificial grass. The lawn will not be damaged by a long frost, or break when walked on. If snow is allowed to be tread into the artificial lawn and forms a layer of ice, this should not be removed by hand in order to prevent damage to the grass fibers. In this instance, the snow should be allowed to melt naturally. Alternatively, you can use salt but incidental. The salt residue can remain on the carpet backing and frequently use can interfere with the draining effect of your lawn. To make your artificial lawn snow-free, use a plastic snow shovel. Do not use a metal one. (Metal snow shovels can damage the synthetic fibers more easily).