How To Clean Up After Your Pet

- Aug 31, 2018-

If you have a synthetic grass lawn that is frequently used by your furry friends, some special attention is required once they “do their business.” Here are a few turf cleaning tips that will make you and your pet happy and your turf last longer and smell fresh:

1. If your pet’s waste is solid:

After the waste dries, remove as you would normal grass, then rinse. If the waste is loose, remove and spot treat with the appropriate disinfecting cleaner, such as any enzyme cleaner, distilled Turf Fresh or vinegar.

2. If your pet’s waste is liquid:

Although liquid waste will be more difficult to locate on your turf, it is best to assume your animal is using the entire area. Attached the sprinkler setting to any hose nozzle will allows the water to be evenly distributed through the entire turf system (turf, infill, backing and base materials).

What to avoid when cleaning up after your pet:

  • Harsh acids

  • Cleaners containing alcohol

  • Pressurized water

By avoiding these items, you can preserve your turf so it will last longer!