How To Build A Standard Artificial Grass Field

- Jan 03, 2018-

In recent years, the innovation of artificial turf technology makes it become increasingly popular in the use of landscaping and sports field. So how to select the grass material and to ensure scientific and rational construction technology and quality? We should take the three factors into consideration:

Raw material of the yarn

Generally speaking, there are two kinds of yarn material, PP(polypropylene) and PE(polyethylene). PP material is harder and has worse crash resistance while PE touches softer and can reduce the harm to players. Meanwhile, it is also possible to mix two kinds of materials that meet the different artifiical grass needs.

Infilling of artificial grass

Quartz and rubber granules are the regular artificial grass infillings. Sometimes both two will be mixed with ratio of 25-28 kg of rubber granules in per square meter and 5-8 kg of sand in per square meter, but now 100% rubber granules is more acceptable. This depends on the users themself.

Drainage system

Artificial grass is produces with hole in every 10 cm on the backing which can drain the water away in a short time and will not leave the water retention.