Fake Lawn: How To Keep Your Garden Green In The Midst Of Cape Town's Drought

- May 16, 2018-

Due to water scarcity in Cape Town more people are considering other options to keep their yards attractive in the midst of a drought.

One of the options is the installation of synthetic grass which doesn't need water to keep it green.

What is the pro and cons of synthetic grass?

  1. Make sure you go with a company with a proven track record by doing that you will get yourself a good quality product.

  2. For a good quality product you looking at at least eight years you will get out of the product.

The sections where there is a lot of foot traffic will require maintenance because the grass will flatten after some time.

To get it back to its initial state, the grass needs to be brushed.

Here are some of the benefits of having the synthetic grass:

◆ Safe for children

◆ Saves water

◆ Grass does not fade

◆ It can last up 10 years

◆ Up to 8 years guarantee on installation