Black Rubber Granules

- Sep 26, 2018-

American Recycling Center, Inc. produces its black rubber granules with an ambient grinding process that uses only the finest quality raw materials. Our raw materials are generated from industrial manufacturers.  All of our feedstock is free of wire, fiber, plastic, wood, and other undesirable contaminants.  We use only premium industrial scrap black rubber like EPDM, SBR, and Naturals to make our premium blend of rubber granules.

We Start With Better Raw Material!

Do you want exhausted rubber granules generated from old tires that might have been lying in a landfill or ditch for several years? Or worse yet, possibly contaminated with wire or other metal picked up on the road?

American Recycling Center, Inc.  Premium Rubber Granules are from virtually new rubber. It is scrap rubber generated from molding processes that make quality parts and products.

You will see from our free samples that our rubber is a pure, clean-cut granule, free of contaminates.

Custom Grinding  

American Recycling Center, Inc. can custom grind to any granulate size for any purpose.

Commonly stocked safety surface rubber:

0.5 – 2 MM1 -3 MM1 – 3.5 MM
1 – 4 MM1 – 5 MM3 – 6 MM