Artificial Turf Suitable Places

- Dec 06, 2017-

Artificial turf can be used in runways, soccer fields, tennis courts, baseball fields, hockey courts, gateball courts, golf courses, basketball courts, volleyball courts, badminton courts, softball courts and other sports grounds. Can also be used in the square, the venue and primary and secondary schools, kindergartens and comprehensive venue. As well as the greening of roads, railways and communities, the green decoration of roofs and courtyards. The main raw materials are: PE (polyethylene, mainly used for playgrounds), PA (Korean imports of nylon, sports and leisure venues), PP (polypropylene, mainly curly silk, for leisure venues). Environmentally friendly, pollution-free and pollution-free.

Against the computer all day, by the radiation damage, eyestrain, neck and shoulder pain. Among the seven colors, the green is gentle and seductive, just remember the desktop put on a pot of green, how do you not think at the foot also shop a layer of green? When you are tired, bored, when you're upset, when you are down on pessimism, think about it, you gently walked outside, there was a watering pasture in the distance, the green was so tender and delicate, The mood will not be improved, or even into the poetry; a lawn enough to make your dreams come true. Fragrant eyes, worry boredom why not worry? We found that in the leisure courtyard, indoor home, kindergartens, exhibition halls, sports venues and other indoor and outdoor places, artificial grass for the dissemination of the charm of people like to use, but ubiquitous. It gives people an infinite amount of real pleasure and fun.