Artificial Turf Does Not Red Sand

- Dec 06, 2017-

In the United States, the artificial turf used in most artificial turfgrass is high-grade nylon material, but also the use of multi-fiber, and non-aerated artificial turf can be divided into two kinds of seepage and non-seepage. The lawn resembles a natural lawn in shape, with a cushion of cushioning foam in some, and shock absorbers in many different densities and thicknesses. Due to the fact that there are not many manufacturers in China that really control the artificial turf laying technology and most of them are foreign technologies, it is necessary for foreign experts to complete the cushioning foam cushion when laying non-sand artificial turf. The bottom of the shock-absorbing foam should be paved with a layer of smooth asphalt. The bottom of the asphalt should also be covered with gravel, sand and pebbles, of which the drainage system is the most crucial part. In addition, this type of artificial turf must be used in the installation process of artificial turf special machinery, especially in some professional or expensive installation of sports venues in the installation is particularly important, otherwise it will not be able to achieve site formation and uniformity requirements , Such as the hockey ground of Beijing Lucheng Institute of Sports Technology at the 2008 Olympic Games hockey training venue and some movable artificial grass and artificial turf to meet special needs must be strictly carried out according to the above requirements.