Artificial Turf Applications

- Dec 06, 2017-

Type of use

Sports grass

Sports lawn can be used for football, tennis courts, hockey, gateball, baseball, cricket, rugby, basketball, badminton courts.

Artificial turf tough wear-resistant, can be used around the clock, and has excellent athlete protection, can effectively prevent athletes in sports may encounter joint damage, skin burns or abrasions, to ensure the normal speed of football rolling and running .

Leisure grass

Leisure lawn is widely used, suitable for interior decoration, garden landscape and building greening, lawn color fresh green nature, grass thin silk, is the best alternative to natural lawn, is being more and more widely used in green hotel decoration, roof Green roofs, indoor shops, office buildings, office space decoration.

Whether spring, summer, autumn or winter, you can enjoy the beauty of the seasons such as spring ...

No need to right and wrong, insects, cut grass, maintenance costs less than 5% of natural grass;

Pets will no longer be soiled by the raining that they run in the mud and will not leave annoying clay footprints;

While neighbors are cutting grass and fertilizing in the hot sun, you enjoy cold drinks under the parasol.

Kindergarten artificial turf

It is the wish of every parent that children have a happy life full of dreams and innocence. Health, happiness is the foundation and fundamental growth of children, a variety of patterns, gorgeous colors, as the child's imagination to plug the soaring wings ...

Kindergarten dedicated artificial turf with a dedicated design, low cost, easy maintenance, environmental safety, beautiful appearance, adaptability and other advantages, comprehensive coverage and replace the traditional plastic and PVC pavement materials. Relative to the common artificial turf, it has a stronger kindergarten targeted and better adaptability.