Artificial Grass Outdoor Spaces For Kids

- Aug 07, 2018-


   Trying to get the attention of your kids today can be a challenge. In our ever-changing age of technology it seems that screens get smaller and more mobile while attention spans get shorter. However, if you put your mind to it, you can encourage your kids to spend time outdoors. All it takes are a few enticing fixtures. Oh, and one of these will have huge benefits for you. Let’s take a look at a few of these and see how to create the artificial grass outdoor play space your kids will find irresistible!

Awesome Outdoor Play Space Ideas

Create a Chalkboard Wall

So this idea is pretty clever. Why not take a section of your fence and turn it into a chalkboard wall? Paint a section of fence with chalkboard paint and turn your kids imagination free. The best part? To clean it they get to use the water hose! Of course, they will likely end up wet, but that is a small price to pay for getting them out from under the vice of technology. Plus, they will have a blast. Just be careful or you might get soaked too!

Make a Container Garden

Container gardens are a great fun idea. Take your child to a garden center and pick out a few varieties of vegetables or flowers they like. Then arrange the containers on your back porch or along the fence. You and your child can tend to the plants and watch them grow. Your child will especially love picking the fruits or vegetables as they ripen. How much fun!

Build or Buy Playground Equipment

For this there are two options. You can pony up some cash and purchase one from a local big box store. For just a few hundred dollars you can incorporate a slide, some swings and a fort style structure. The other option is to build one. There are many plans available online and doing it with your child could spur creativity in other areas. Of course, dad or mom should make all of the necessary raw material adjustments with power tools. The kids can help screw or tie pieces together as need be. A good playground fort could become the focal point of your backyard in no time.

Use Artificial Grass as a Base

There are many benefits to using artificial grass as a foundation for your outdoor kids play space. We will go over them shortly. However, keep in mind that artificial grass is an attractive option for ground cover because it is evergreen. This means you always have a bright play space for your child, no matter the weather or season!