Why choose EPDM rubber for playground

- Jan 19, 2018-

Rubber mat is one of our traditional surface materials and the disadvantages of it is increasingly looming. As the new-type of material for ground, EPDM rubber granules begins to being widely acceptable for people.

2 (2).png

There are several reasons  for you to choose EPDM granules  but rather than rubber mat:

 1.Easily Repaired: just like the  picture shows, EPDM rubber  granules is coherent and when  problems happened, it can be partly repaired, not like the rubber tile which need to be totally removed.

2.Flexible Design: the color, rubber content and granules size of the product can be customized as requests, so it can give offer more fun as well as aesthetics.

3.Last longer: the EPDM rubber tile has longer lifespan because of its good durability.

With qualified epdm rubber granules and professional install instruction, please contact SKYROAD.