What kinds of bottom cloth are used in artificial lawn?

- Apr 26, 2018-

The bottom cloth is also one of the components of artificial lawn, and we find that the base cloth of artificial lawn is different, mainly the difference of material. At present, there are several kinds of base cloth for artificial lawn. Which is widely used?

Some artificial turf is made of PP woven bottom cloth, which has general performance and weak binding force; some are based on glass fiber and other materials. It helps to increase the strength of the bottom cloth and the binding force of the grass fiber, and helps to improve the quality of the artificial turf.

And what we see in some artificial turf is Pu bottom cloth, which has strong anti-aging properties, long and durable, strong adhesion to grass line, and environmentally friendly. But its drawback is the higher cost, especially the use of imported Pu glue.

For artificial turf, the bottom lining is not used if the woven base cloth is used, and the glue will directly attach to the fiber root. In this way, we can not only simplify the production process, save raw materials, but also meet the general ban on man-made lawn.

But if the artificial lawn to meet the requirements is to be made, the equipment and technology for making woven fabric have very strict requirements. So far, similar products have not been found in China, but it can be used as the direction for future development.

On the basis of the braided bottom cloth, it is upgraded from the vulcanized wool PP braided bottom cloth. Its features are durable, good corrosion resistance, good adhesion to glue and grass line, easy to fasten and so on, but the price will be improved a lot.