What is the proportion of supplementary granules for artificial turf fields? Do you know?

- May 17, 2018-

It is believed that many people do not know the proportion of stadium filling materials laid on the artificial turf. The artificial turf filling materials are usually sand or rubber granules. Sometimes they are mixed together. When they are mixed, the ratio of the two depends on the specifics. As the case may be, the usual mixing ratio is 70% rubber particles + 30% sand. According to different fields such as a football field, a football field, and a tennis court, the filling ratio and depth of artificial turf vary. So how do we do the proportion of filling materials and filling height?

The proportion of filled rubber particles can be determined according to the needs of the site. For sites with high impact strength, the proportion can be appropriately increased. For example, if the football field is used according to the FIFA space system, the grass height is 50mm, then 25KG quartz sand is to be filled, 6KG The rubber particles have a filling height of about 35mm. If it is a college football field, the height of grass is 40-60mm, the quartz sand to be filled is generally around 5-9KG, the rubber particle is about 22-30KG, and the filling height is about 30-38mm; if it is a primary school football ground, it is relative to the college grounds. There will be less, if the grass height is 40mm, the filled quartz sand may be a little more (24KG) and the rubber particles are relatively less (4KG).

Compared with football venues, the filling ratios of other venues are also different. For those with less impact, such as tennis courts and gateball courts, only the uniform hardness of the venue is required. The filling height is about 3/4. However, unlike rugby pitches and baseball pitches, these types of sports performance are quite fierce. If the proportion of fills is more or less likely to cause athletes to suffer injury during exercise, proper filling particles will not only reduce the chance of injury, but also The site has a great help in the service life. Therefore, the grass height of such sites is generally about 60mm, and the filling ratio is generally about 2:1, that is, 20KG quartz sand and 10KG rubber particles.

There are also venues for kindergartens, school runways, cages, and the like. These types of venues are very simple, and are generally free of artificial turf. They do not require fillers and quartz sand. The