What is the price of artificial turf? Three points for understanding the composition of artificial turf prices

- May 23, 2018-

The unit for sale of artificial turf is calculated in square meters. Faced with the various lawns ranging from tens to hundreds of dollars in the market, how to choose in the end will inevitably make people feel confused. How much money a square meter of artificial turf, and the turf of raw materials, parameters and playing a large number of relations.

Artificial turf is produced as a whole roll. At present, most of the domestic lawn equipment is 4m in width, and the whole roll size is 4m×25m. It can also be cut into 2m width in the loom, and some grass rolls exported to the US market have a width of 5m. The calculation of artificial turf prices is based on the number of units in meters as the minimum unit, there is no less than one meter.

How much one square meter of artificial turf influencing factors: artificial turf raw materials

Artificial turf consists of three parts: grass silk, adhesive backing, and base cloth. The choice of raw materials in each link can best reflect the principle of one-for-one price, and the quality of raw materials reflects the level of cost and directly determines the man-made quality. The quality of the lawn. The quality obviously determines the price of artificial turf.

The raw materials for straw are PP and PE, while PP and PE are widely used in daily life as plastic raw materials. If artificial turf is produced with inferior raw materials, especially if it contains certain heavy metal substances, the result is not only far from reaching the standard in terms of use, but it may also endanger personal and environmental safety.

Adhesive is a very important link, and it is also the most problematic link. The most common harmful additives in glue are toluene and xylene. Toluene xylene exceeds the standard and causes loss of appetite, causing nausea and vomiting and other adverse reactions. It can cause serious respiratory diseases, damage the liver and kidneys, and endanger life. Unfortunately, in practice, even less than half of the qualified glues were tested. The price of glue on the market ranges from a few hundred to several thousand dollars, and the reason can be imagined.

The single-layer base fabric is mainly made of PP, the double-layer base fabric is mainly composed of PP+ non-woven fabric and PP+ mesh, and the three-layer base fabric is mainly composed of PP+ non-woven fabric+mesh. Artificial turf base fabric is the part directly in contact with the foundation. According to weather conditions, it may often be in a humid environment. Therefore, it must be breathable, waterproof, wear-resistant and anti-aging to ensure the service life of artificial turf.

How much is the artificial turf one square meter affecting factor two: artificial turf parameters

The basic parameters of artificial grass turf are three: density, grass height, pound weight. These three data are directly proportional to the price of artificial turf. The higher the density, the higher the grass height and the greater the pound weight, the higher the price. Density and grass height, as the name suggests, are easy to understand. The pound weight (dtex) is a more professional concept. It is an international unit of fiber denier. The artificial turf decitex is the 10,000-meter-thick grass gram weight, and the larger the number of grams, the thicker the grass. Leisure grass is used in kindergarten venues, landscape greening, commercial decoration, and alternative carpets. Its density is greater than that of sports grasses, and its price is slightly higher.

Multifunctional grasses are mostly used in gateball courts, golf courses and other types of venues. Due to their special functions, the number of determinants is relatively low, and the lower the number of determinants, the higher the density. For example, the number of grass decitex is 4000. More, the density can reach around 60000-80000.

How much is the artificial turf?

The amount of quantification affects the price of artificial turf. The reason is not merely what people think of as puerile in the usual sense. If there is no special reason for turf production equipment, it is generally connected with a shaft. It takes a lot of manpower and material resources to stop and restart the machine. Therefore, when new orders need to be replaced with raw materials of different proportions, the raw materials that are filled in later will be filled into the machine. Some of the previous raw materials were mixed together, causing losses and increasing costs.

If you do not need a large amount, but also want to obtain a more affordable price, the general lawn manufacturers will have a partial inventory of grass, the price is often relatively modest, in which to choose to meet their needs of turf purchase, is also a good approach.

Regardless of how much money a square of artificial turf, it is subject to cost constraints. If the survival of a company depends on profitability, it will not be a loss-making business, and consumers need to have their own scale. Although the price is a relatively flexible interval, low prices often mean low quality. If even basic environmental protection cannot be guaranteed, the artificial turf originally purchased to improve the sports environment will become a healthy killer.