What are the characteristics of artificial turf?

- Jun 27, 2018-

The six advantages of artificial turf support it to lead the trend and provide better services.

1, Waterproof and non-slip: lawn surface for the preparation of high density straw, a special leak hole to protect the safety of the elderly and children.

2, Super wear-resistant: the degree of wear of the ground material, depending on the material and thickness of the grass wear layer, not just look at the total thickness.

3, Light: the lawn is coiled, PP woven bag into a roll, safe and guaranteed, and easy to carry.

4. Convenient construction: no cement sand is needed, wood is not required to be used, special glue is applied, and it is quick and easy. A wide range of products, a variety of colors and styles of a variety of series, free to mix, save time and effort, one time is OK.

5, Good flexibility: the use of special elastic structure, impact resistance, and the right foot, to provide you with the highest guarantee of daily life fitness exercise.

6. Fire-retardant: The open flame will soon extinguish and will not spread to other areas, reducing the hazards to life of the property.