Understanding the production process of artificial turf

- Apr 26, 2018-

 Artificial turf, also called artificial lawn, is a common decorative material and paving product in our life. Today we take you into the artificial lawn factory, through field exploration to understand the production process of artificial turf from color masterbatch to finished product!

The main raw material for artificial turf is color masterbatch. First, the color masterbatch is processed into grass wire through the equipment, and then the weeds are woven through the knitting machine to the base cloth, the back glue, the drying and the reel. First of all, let's first understand briefly what is masterbatch.

How do the color masterbatch become straw silk? Is it through the drawing machine, isn't it amazing? Is there a kind of instant feeling of cocoon drawing?

Here is the back glue, which is divided into hand coating and machine coating, hand coating is artificial brush in the outdoor sun to dry, low cost, but easy to aging, grass die pulling force is poor, suitable for the production of artificial grass enclosure, and kindergarten, football field artificial lawn to use machine back, produced turf strong durable, purchase. Don't lose your head at the bottom price when you buy it. A drying equipment costs millions of dollars, and the cost of artificial glue is very low, very low, very low.

Here is a knowledge point. Do you see the small hole on the back of the lawn? What's that for? This is called pervious hole. The reason for this design is that the artificial turf is usually used in the open air, and when it rains, it can be drained quickly.

Finally, the back of the back of the artificial lawn can be rolled, or pile into the storeroom, or directly sent to all parts of the country, or overseas, to spread the Chinese manufacturing to all over the world! May we live in a world less haze and more green! I believe that our tomorrow will be better