Three key points to judge the advantages and disadvantages of artificial turf

- Apr 27, 2018-

The so-called anti aging is the ability of the lawn to resist aging. How can we keep the lawn young and green for a long time? When making artificial turf grass, anti-aging additives will be added, which is also an important part of artificial grass yarn. Under the set temperature and humidity environment, the artificial lawn was simulated by the OMM WOM, that is to simulate the climate and reach the set time, to observe and test the color of the artificial turf and the changes of its physical properties, which is called the test of the anti aging performance of the artificial lawn. Under the usual climate conditions, the artificial lawn with strong anti-aging properties is not easy to fade, not easy to crisp. The color of the artificial lawn site with strong anti aging properties is more durable and stable, and the grass seedling is seldom dropped and the life of the lawn is longer.

Color fastness: color fastness of grass silk is the color fading degree under the action of external factors (friction, water washing, rain, exposure, light and so on) in the process of use or processing. It is an important index for evaluating artificial turf. Obvious fading and discoloration after sun irradiation indicated that the color fastness of straw was not up to the requirement.

Wear resistance: the expression of wear resistance and the DTEX value of straw are interrelated. It is one of the important indicators of artificial turf. The higher the Dtex value of the lawn, the better the wearability of the lawn. When the nail roller is rolled back and forth on the artificial lawn sample on the Lisport test equipment, the sportsmen wear the peg sports shoes on the lawn. After a certain period of time, the wear of the turf is tested and evaluated. The artificial lawn with good wear resistance is more durable and has longer service life.