The reason of football artificial grass color is different

- May 31, 2018-

The color of artificial grass yarn:

The natural grass naturally gets rid of life restrictions that are not one year old and one glorious. It is also regretted that “the weather in Tianjie is as crisp as the rain, and the grass color is as close as it is but there is no”. However, the artificial turf is not constrained by nature, and people have a long time The lowness of the stream, the joy of the green grass on the stream. Today, I mainly explain the grass weave of artificial turf. The artificial turf grass is mainly divided into green and yellow. The green is subdivided into light green, emerald green, rural green, lemon green and dark green. Yellow is divided into Light yellow and yellow. Many people may have questions about how the color of grass silk is dyed. Artificial grass silk is not dyed, but is added with a masterbatch to color it. This kind of color is not easy to fade and discolor, and the color can be kept longer.

Reasons why the color of the football pitch is not the same:


1. Relieve the visual fatigue of the audience and players;

2. Make it easier for referees to see if they are offside;

3. Humanized design, this is the law of football turf development;

4. It also makes the football players not feel endless when they bring the ball.

Why do you have so many colors? At first I also had a lot of questions. Here I also answer questions for you. As a use, we divide artificial grass into recreational grasses, sports grasses, and sports grasses into football grass, tennis grass, baseball grass, etc., which are mainly green, green, pastoral green, and lime green. Leisure grass is divided into landscape grass, living grass, work grass, the main color of the main mix of green and yellow, that is, mixed colors. The yellow color is similar to that of the subtilis, which makes the artificial grass more similar to the natural grass. It can also be used in landscapes and is more suitable for embellishing life.