The quality of the artificial turf depends mainly on the fiber and the back glue

- May 16, 2018-

The quality of artificial turf is good and bad. What are the factors affecting the quality of artificial turf? Artificial grass, lawn back glue or ingredients. What does the quality of artificial turf affect indirectly? The quality of turf will affect the overall operation of the market, and will affect the prospects of the lawn industry. The manufacturers should not pay no attention to the quality of the lawn.

How to distinguish the quality of the artificial turf. The quality of turf mostly comes from the quality of artificial grass, followed by the excipients used in turf manufacturing process and manufacturing refinement. The quality of turf is mostly produced by imported straw yarn, but the quality of poor grass may be low grade grass. Low grade grass is not only low cost, but also great harm to human body. High quality lawn is safer and healthier.

The quality, quality and quality of artificial lawn are guaranteed by strict quality inspection. Before manufacturing, high quality artificial turf will be tested by anti aging and antistatic test. After testing, the artificial lawn is antistatic, anti aging, and has corresponding index friction degree. The artificial lawn has fireproof and flame retardant components by SGS two fire prevention and anti flame retardant, and the safety index conforms to the international standard.

In addition, the quality of artificial turf is tested by the quality inspection of harmful toxic substances, and the high quality artificial turf contains no heavy metal and other harmful substances, and the artificial turf is emitted without a pungent odor under the sun. Then there is the density of grass and the quality of turf. The density of the artificial weeds should not be too low, and the grass wire should be used to test the extraction force of the straw silk during the drawing process. The grass wire extraction force is strong and the extraction power is weak. The quality of the lawn is very difficult to be recognized.

Secondly, the lawn cloth will also affect the quality of artificial lawn. The turf is the top five turf manufacturer in China. The back gum on the bottom of the lawn is imported from abroad, and it is heated by chemical or physical heat treatment during the manufacturing process. The heating process ensures the environmental performance of the back glue in the high temperature environment.

Back gum affects the quality of artificial turf. The quality of the glue is not only for purchasing but also for the quality of the structure. The back glue is made by machine with stitches and stitches, indirectly determining the strength of the grass bottom. The turf at the bottom of the lawn has strong tear resistance and good turf quality.

The quality of artificial turf affects the overall balance of market mechanism. The emergence of poor lawn has caused the overall cost confusion in the lawn industry. It not only affects the balance of market economy, but also affects the daily overall maintenance of the market. If manufacturers do not attach importance to the quality of turf, the lawn industry will have a bad future. Therefore, customers and businesses should be given much attention to the quality of turf.