The objectivity of artificial turf

- Apr 19, 2018-

1, it changed the natural lawn can not be used in winter.

2, the cost of artificial turf is much lower than that of natural lawn, and it saves much time in the production process than natural turf.

3, artificial lawn laying process and maintenance are much more convenient than natural lawn, easy to manage, and do not need to fertilize or sprinkle.

Characteristics of artificial turf

1, good elasticity, surface mask damping efficiency.

2. Walk around perfectly, providing the same torque separation rate as the natural grass dense turf, and do not sprain the ankle or knee ligaments.

3, ensure that the UV radiation performance is still stable.

4, the wear effect is lower than natural grass and soil.

5. The filler is cleaner than soil and contains less microorganisms.

6, the surface will not become mud, not frozen, not because of the weather change, can provide the best performance in any weather are.

7, the safety surface anti slide resistance is very low, providing soft feeling of support, the internal fillers can not breed microorganisms.

8, the use of long, although the use of different degrees, but the maximum of up to fifteen years, no maintenance; after the use of more than fifteen years, only local replacement of the most serious loss of the place. It has many uses and can be used continuously. There is no need to close the playground to grow grass.

9,No need to sow, lay up the lawn, construct, take care of the workers and manage the machine, save the maintenance cost and wastage of the natural grassland.

10, well drained, paved on gravel foundations to absorb 26mm rain every hour.