The dispute between the imported fiber and the domestic fiber for artificial grass

- Apr 17, 2018-

The domestic artificial lawn industry has developed so far, there are still many business thought that the imported grass silk is better than the domestic grass silk. In fact, the import products and domestic products have the same situation. Before 2000, the domestic manufacturers have just started the production of grass fiber, production technology, material formula, enterprise scale strength. As a whole, the overall average level has a certain difference with the imported straw silk, but today, many well-known domestic enterprises have gone out of the country, and have broken many international technical barriers, and can compete with foreign brands in the overseas market. The idea that the imported straw silk is superior to the domestic grass silk is too old and not objective science. It should be set up and compared with the standard of quality. The quality of the product is not identified with the identity of the origin, but it should be selected and evaluated with the test data and the scientific inspection report.