The category of artificial grass for the football field

- Mar 08, 2019-

The category of artificial grass for the football field

As people's living standards improve, the demand for football pitches is growing, but most people do not know much about the lawn of the football field. And to understand the football field lawn, first of all should be clear about its classification, then let me give you a brief introduction to the category of football field lawn bar.

(i) non-infill of football grass 

Most stadiums use this artificial lawn, which looks more like a natural stadium. And artificial silk has a variety of fiber and high-grade nylon materials, of which high-grade nylon materials are more common. Do not fill the sand football field lawn generally with gravel, pebbles and sand as the bottom, on the top of a very smooth layer of asphalt, the top is paved with shock foam cushion layer to shock. The complete set of equipment professional and technical requirements are high, so most of the laid companies are foreign manufacturers.

(ii) Infill of granular football grass

Compared to the non-sand lawn, filled granular football field lawn is more physically available, in the domestic market is broader, the use of performance is also good. Can be used all year round, athletes in their movement feel closest to the natural football field, not easy to hurt. The artificial filaments filled with granular football field lawns are 2, 3 mm longer than the free-filled lawn, thus adding a sense of softness, while artificial lawn materials are mostly made of polyethylene and polypropylene polymers, which are convenient and readily available materials.

(iii) Natural, man-made mixed football grass

Natural, artificial mixed football stadium lawn, as the name implies, is a natural lawn and artificial lawn mixed together practical lawn, can maximize the advantages of both, both natural and practical, by many users love. In the mixed lawn, the turf is made of real grass, and the turf is fixed by a mesh made of plastic. is a hybrid lawn to the surrounding environment and regulatory requirements are high, such as the use of temperature requirements at 10 degrees Celsius up, the requirement to regularly check the degree of wear of the lawn and so on. In addition to the above mentioned process, there are quartz, rubber particles filled. However, the filling process shall be filled with a special machine after the turf has been laid and integrated and firmly completed, in order to meet the requirements of motion performance and flatness standards.

After that, you can put it into use. The above three kinds of football field artificial lawn is a common football field artificial lawn at home and abroad, understand the three kinds of artificial lawn on the artificial football field lawn has a basic understanding, there is a need for friends can be based on their own characteristics, materials and prices and other aspects of the requirements of choice and a deeper understanding, I hope it can be convenient to everyone.