The advantages of artificial turf

- Apr 19, 2018-

On all kinds of foundation surface installation, the basic quality requirements are not high, no fear of cracking, no blister delamination, and it is simple and economical.

Artificial grass is environmentally friendly, finished product construction, construction period is fixed and shorter, quality is easy to master, and acceptance is simple.

The artificial lawn playground has a beautiful overall layout, high utilization rate, life expectancy of more than 8 years, and durable maintenance. It can be used all day long.

Artificial grass is simple in maintenance and low in maintenance cost. It can remove dirt only by rinsing with water, and has the characteristics of no fading and no deformation.

The artificial lawn has the characteristics of shock absorption, no noise, safety, elasticity, good flame retardancy and so on. It is suitable for the use of the school. It is the best training, activity, competition and other venues.

The artificial lawn takes the concept of safety and environmental protection to avoid sports injury. It provides sufficient buffer force to reduce the general hard damage to the foot. It makes you completely free from all kinds of concerns caused by the site.

The lawn scribing is directly compiled, and it does not need to be annoyed for frequent scribing. It is easy to maintain and maintain, and there is almost no subsequent maintenance cost.

The foundation is not bonded to the surface. When the time limit is used, only the surface layer can be replaced, and the reinvestment cost is low.

The special high specific gravity Sands of high temperature are used in the lawn clearance, which makes the students have the opportunity to close the soil without the pollution of the environment and the body, so as to avoid all the troubles of cleaning.