Terminology Of Artificial Turf

- Apr 10, 2018-

Grass silk material: PA (nylon), PP (polypropylene), PE (polyethylene), using PE artificial turf grass most materials. PA has good wear resistance, but it is too hard to burn the skin of the athletes. It is mainly used in the landscape grass field. The wear resistance of PP is poor, the service life of the site is short, and the application range is narrow; the soft and wear-resistant PE is the first choice for the sports contact field.

Mesh silk has a great deal of performance on many sites in China. Monofilament has been popular in recent years. Its appearance is closer to natural grass. Its appearance is beautiful and its wear resistance has a slight advantage. The price is usually higher than the Mesh.

The height of the lawn

In Europe and America, the height of football sports lawn is usually 60mm, the domestic habit is generally 40-55mm, the higher the height of the same density lawn, the higher the cost, the added materials and labor costs will also increase, generally at about 50mm to meet the use.

Weight of grass silk

They are usually divided into 6600DTEX, 8800DTEX, 9700DTEX, 12000DTEX, 15000DTEX and so on, which represent the gram weight of every 10000 meters of grass. Usually, the football field is more than 8800DTEX.

The bottom cloth back way

Usually, the back glue is styrene butadiene latex, the more high-end back glue is PU back glue, the difference lies in that the PU back glue is far higher than styrene butadiene latex, bright appearance, good waterproof performance, because PU back glue is formed once, less additives, so more environmental protection. But the high cost of PU adhesive, usually will be higher than the price of finished product of 20%-30% styrene butadiene latex.

Bottom cloth type

Usually, they are divided into composite bottom cloth and composite grid three layers of bottom cloth, and the tensile strength of the three layer bottom cloth is relatively higher.