Summary, description of the croquet regular artificial turf products

- Jul 16, 2018-

The summary of the croquet regular artificial turf products shows that the croquet game is very popular among the middle-aged and elderly people in China. Every year, the cadre leagues in various regions and street cadres will hold several croquet leagues. The lawn is equipped with professional gated artificial turf products, which have superior sports performance and can meet various needs of daily training, leisure and competition. At the same time, the lawn has excellent wear resistance and is resistant to UV aging, which makes the gate court have a long service life.

The grass is flat and the lawn is non-directional;

High wear resistance and long service life;

Good water retention and water permeability;

Natural appearance and comfortable movement.

This is a must for all kinds of professional simulation lawns. Professional lawn products are used in the gate court to meet professional sports requirements.

Material PE, fineness 5200Dtex, line spacing 3/16 inch, grass height 15/18m, 4-color two-color, hair density 65000 cluster

Doorball artificial turf bonding: bonding the adhesive tape to the underlying fabric along the marking line; then bonding the croquet artificial turf line along the line marking line to the adhesive tape to ensure that it is flat and firm.

Cutting and splicing of croquet artificial turf: trimming and cutting the croquet artificial turf with special tools such as wire cutter or circular cutter; the cutting size should be the same, and the cut croquet artificial turf will be spliced. The seam spacing distance should be less than 2mm.

Doorball artificial turf seam bonding: the croquet artificial turf is stitched out for bonding, and the turf seams are bonded by adhesive tape.

Door ball artificial turf compaction: The grass turf is compacted by the human grass compactor to ensure that the seam is flat and firm.

Gateball artificial turf paving: croquet artificial turf paving ensures that the turf paving direction should be the same, the direction of the grass is also the same, after the croquet artificial turf is completed, the site inspection is carried out to ensure that the paved turf is smooth, no Off-line and grass removal.

Why can a croquet artificial turf be faked? A croquet artificial turf refers to a synthetic fiber similar to a blade-like shape, which is implanted on a woven base fabric by a special machine, and is not coated with a fixed effect for the playing field. Use in places such as upper, garden floor, beautification air, and roof beautification. It is usually composed of polyethylene, polypropylene or nylon.

The artificial simulation of the gateball artificial turf is high: the artificial grass has good simulation, and the operator is safer and warmer during exercise. Feet and ball feel are similar to natural lawns. The artificial turf is colorful, durable and non-fading. It can be matched with the surrounding environment and buildings. It is a sports venue, school playground, villa courtyard, balcony, golf green, various sports venues, leisure places, roof gardens, etc. Good choice.


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