Sports artificial grass performance characteristics and application

- May 30, 2018-

1, Good elasticity, surface with shock absorption performance.


2, Walking freely on the grass, providing the same torque with natural grass thick detachment. Do not sprain ankle or knee ligaments.


3. The speed and rebound of the ball are almost the same as those of natural grass.


4, Excellent traction. Allows athletes to accurately determine the direction of movement of the ball.


5, UV protection, good wear resistance, reduce noise.


6, The surface will not form a slurry, will not freeze, no need to change the weather. It provides the best performance in any weather.


7. The safety surface has extremely low anti-sliding resistance and provides a soft supporting feeling. The internal packing makes microorganisms unable to survive.


8, Long service life, use more, can be used continuously, without closing the field to grow grass.


9. No need to sow, re-sweep turf, construction, artificial care, machine management, save the maintenance cost and loss of natural grass field.


10, Drainage well, spread on the gravel foundation can absorb 26mm of rain per hour.


Sports turfgrass Scope of application:


Sports artificial turfgrass is suitable for sports fields such as basketball courts, football fields, gateball courts, tennis courts, hockey fields, golf courses, and runways.