Soccer artificial turf recommended

- Jun 20, 2018-

How to choose a suitable football artificial turf in fact with nothing to buy other things, be sure to fit for yourself, choose a good credit products, good after-sales service companies. For a city with a high cost of land, there are usually not many venues for standard football field. Most of them are primary and secondary schools or ordinary 7- or 5-person small training grounds. The most common area is between 1,000 square meters and 4,000 square meters.

As we all know, the most common 50mm monofilament soccer turf is suitable for standard venues.

Extraordinary natural appearance Is the color depth of the natural lawn stronger? Now artificial turf fibers with the same visual effects have emerged! The product uses an innovative two-color hybrid construction that combines two different colors of grass filaments to give the artificial turf an unprecedented look that is close to natural grasses. The two colors are not simply mixed together. In order to achieve the best results, R&D has undergone rigorous calculations and comparisons, opting for the best two-color arrangement.

Will give you a shocking visual impact, almost completely simulated the natural turf color, with the unprecedented degree of simulation to display the appearance of natural grass on the artificial turf. Any one who has personally touched the MS100 artificial grass fiber can not forget it That unique soft touch! This sensation comes from the use of the softest polymer particles and unique processing techniques used by Kassellung.

Because of this, it is possible to provide the best contact interface for athletes, giving the user the best sports protection, so that athletes no longer worry about skin damage. Constant wear resistance You don't have to doubt that such a soft texture will affect its wear resistance! Adhering to Serran products as always, the high wear characteristics. The rigorous Leesburg grinding test shows that it is not inferior to the abrasion resistance of any other Serlon fiber and can fully withstand the high intensity of use density in the Chinese market. Excellent coverage The vivid color, unique small fiber layout and soft appearance make the best coverage of the lawn.

After matching with excellent fillers, this amazing effect will be demonstrated immediately after the paving and combing is completed. Imagine how such a soft, flat venue will give athletes what kind of help! Excellent Sports Features Soft texture and excellent coverage guarantee excellent athletic performance on the field. Whether it is running, emergency stop, passing or sliding, or shooting, all movements can be safely completed at any time. Provide a strong guarantee for professional or amateur athletes to play their best.