Small knowledge points for the maintenance and maintenance of artificial turf

- Apr 20, 2018-

How can the artificial lawn be warped?

1. preparation: clean up the site, prepare tools, knife, brush, ruler, etc.

2. lay the lawn on the ground.

3. glue: require the brush to brush evenly on the back of the lawn, and do not glue it repeatedly. Otherwise, it will appear blistering or even fall. The bottom cloth is coated with glue, and the thickness of the glue must be strictly controlled. Note that the speed of spreading glue should be appropriate, and the glue should be applied to the two bonded surfaces respectively.

4. adhesive: according to the actual impact of temperature, temperature, pressure and other conditions at that time, the reasonable control of the air drying time, generally after the coating of glue in the 30 sub, eight or nine into dry glue to touch the non stick. When bonding, it requires a one-time alignment of the adhesive, and must not be moved back to the bonded object.

5. pressure: after the bonding, remove the surface of the debris, with special rubber (or other tools) from the adhesion to both sides of the force hammer solid, so that the surface of full contact dense, bonding more firm.