What are the safety standards for artificial turf?

- Mar 06, 2018-

First, the artificial turf to ensure that no heavy metals, in compliance with the rules of the regulation of eight kinds of soluble metals (cadmium, lead, mercury, chromium, barium, selenium, arsenic, antimony) of the dissolution of the constraints, ensure the product is inspected by a professional organization.

Second, to ensure the deployment of artificial turf, reasonable planning, supply safety and security. The lawn cushion provides the perfect suction effect, reducing the damage caused by falling from high places.

Third, to ensure the laying of artificial turf to the effect of anti-bacterial mildew, to prevent children on the lawn when the probability of bacterial infection, to provide children with a safe and comfortable areas to carry out activities,

And to have a high level of fire-resistant safety, can reduce the incidence of fires in children's cultural areas.

Four, the grass fiber pull break Force request >=120n (12.2KG), the single cluster pulls the output to be about twice times as the national norm, prevents the child to swallow the grass silk the condition.

For the artificial turf of the rules of the standard there are many, the rules are not only for the manufacturers to draw up, for consumers, also need to adhere to, safety norms used is still in order to better use.