Runway artificial grass

- Jun 21, 2018-

The artificial turf on the runway is highly effective. The anti-ultraviolet component added to the artificial turf allows the turf to maintain its original color even after prolonged exposure to the sun. The runway is generally composed of a red runway and a white line. If it is matched with a green grass playground that resembles a real grass, the visual effect is very good. The runway turf generally has a warranty period of about six or seven years. The quality of the artificial turf has a long service life of more than ten years. When it is due to be replaced, the old lawns can be directly laid out and new ones can be built. Under normal circumstances, the foundations need not be rebuilt.

Runway artificial turf is still a new thing. We still remember the first morning run accompanied by the yellow dust on the school grounds. The earth track was part of our childhood; later Huang Dust became cement, and it was bruised with a slight bump; it was then dominated by plastic runways; today, man-made The lawn is among the ranks of the runway with its superior sports performance. The most commendable convenience of the runway lawn is its sporty performance, good elasticity, good resilience, soft grass, comfortable feet, and non-slip and wear-resistance. It is very suitable for running and exercising, and can effectively protect athletes' knees, ankles, etc. In the fast run, it is not vulnerable to sports injuries.

The construction of the artificial turf foundation for the runway generally uses cement or concrete that can be easily realized, and can be compacted and compacted. Laying steps are also relatively simple and construction. The artificial turf on the runway also features anti-bacterial ventilation, anti-aging, fire-retardant cooling, waterproof drainage, etc. If the installation process is appropriate, and the environmentally friendly and durable glue is used, there will be no delamination, breakage, water accumulation within the service life. Problems such as rot affect normal use.