Rubber particles development trend

- Dec 06, 2017-

It is mainly used in sports venues, soccer fields, tennis courts, basketball courts and other sports venues, expressways and high-speed railways and is widely used in hospitals, hotels, restaurants, families, kindergartens, nursing homes, Noise reduction, anti-skid site, but also with flexible use, can be combined with a variety of types of surface materials, its salient features: non-slip, sunscreen, wear-resistant, flame retardant.

With the rapid economic development in various countries and the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for rubber particles in various countries will gradually increase, and the rubber particle market in our country will enjoy rapid development. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the research and development directions, equipment and technologies of rubber particle production technologies at home and abroad And trends for rubber particles to enhance product specifications, improve market competitiveness is very important. Our country also attaches great importance to the development trend of rubber particles. For this reason, the State established the Rubber Particles Association and some preferential policies to help and support the expansion and development of some of the rubber particles factories. In terms of the export of rubber particles, the country also adopted a large number of Measure sales