Roof artificial turf introduction

- Jun 25, 2018-

Compared to natural grass, the green roof of recreational artificial turf has obvious advantages. The artificial leisure lawn is completely free from the climate, and it can be laid in any place with high temperature and high temperature, and it can bring people natural green visual enjoyment in autumn and winter. At the same time, recreational artificial turf can reduce outdoor noise and create more peaceful living conditions for people. In addition, recreational artificial turf has good drainage performance and does not accumulate rainwater. The important point is that it is durable, with the same hardness and real grass, laying and maintenance are very simple, and low cost, but save a lot of maintenance time and labor costs.

The so-called roof greening is an important part of today's architectural design. Its concept can be understood as the greening of all types of buildings and structures not directly connected to the ground. This includes not only the greening of roofs, but also the Greening on buildings such as terraces, rooftops, balconies, walls, underground garages, and overpasses. Roof greening is of great significance for beautifying the living environment of the city, improving people’s quality of life and improving people’s living conditions. Today, Qingdao Bo Xiangyuan simply gives a few easy-to-see benefits for everyone:

1. The roof greening of artificial turf can reduce the temperature of the top floor, thereby reducing the power consumption, and thus being more energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

2. The green roof of artificial turf can regulate the flow of rainwater.

3. The roof greening of artificial turf can be a certain degree of sound insulation.

4. The green roof of artificial turf can beautify the environment and provide a rest garden, which makes people feel more comfortable.

5. The roof greening of artificial turf can improve the heat island effect: it absorbs heat energy and helps to dissipate heat, making indoor personnel more comfortable.