Roof artificial turf construction precautions

- Jul 11, 2018-

The construction precautions for roof artificial turf and the operation method of roof artificial turf are as follows:

Artificial turf pavement is basically the last process, requiring the roof floor to be dry and tidy, without cross-construction. Under the premise of making roofing waterproof, construction can be done, and the site will be well-equipped with “three links and one leveling”.

Floor flatness: The foundation should have corresponding strength and stability, and there should be no phenomena such as cracks, uneven frost heaving caused by freezing, and sanding and peeling caused by insufficient cement labels.

Drainage is the focus of roof paving. The roof should have the corresponding slope and drainage system. The sewage should be reserved for rain, and the roof drainage will be smooth and no water will accumulate.

Artificial turfneeds to consider roof transportation. Generally, the crane is used. The height of the roof should be within the distance of the crane's boom. The height of the crane should not be equipped with elevators, cages and other facilities.


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