Q&A of artificial grass

- Jan 09, 2018-

1.Authoritative Testing

The most authoritative testing organization in the international industry is FIFA accredited testing institutes (Labosport in France and sportslabs in Britain). Some people mistakenly think that it only tests the performance of the field. In fact, laboratory testing agencies of FIFA IS very strict and it takes responsibility on all the laboratory testing and field spot testing. Only through the laboratory testing, can it be able to enter the site inspection program. Laboratory testing includes the highest standards of anti-UV and wear resistance test which are two factors that to large extent directly determine the lifespan and performance.

2.Imported Yarn And Domestic Yarn

Some people mistakenly think that imported grass yarn is superior to domestic. But in fact, the imported products should also be evaluated by quality standards like domestic products. The quality of the products should not be identified by their origin but should be tested by professional inspection data and scientific testing certification. Before 2000, due to the fact that the industry of grass had just started, the production technology, formulation of materials and the scale of enterprises, there was a certain difference between the domestic and imported level. However, many well-known domestic enterprises have already got great breakthroughs in technology that can match with foreign brands

3.Grass Color

There is a idea that the deeper color of grass silk the better of quality. Actually, it’s completely wrong. The quality of grass is something related to materials of anti- UV.

4.Bottom Color

Some people mistakenly think that the green backing is more environmental-friendly than black backing. It has put the emphasis on that the color of the backing has nothing to do with the field appearance performance after installed on the basic ground.