Professional knowledge of artificial turf production technology and artificial turf parameters

- Apr 23, 2018-

1, artificial turf terms

The material types of grass silk are PA (nylon), PP (polypropylene), PE (polyethylene), and most artificial lawn materials use PE grass yarn. PA has good wear resistance, but it is too hard to burn the skin of the athletes. It is mainly used in the landscape grass field. The wear resistance of PP is poor, the service life of the site is short, the application range is narrow, and the soft and wear-resistant PE is better, it is the best choice for the sports contact field.

The form of grass silk: reticulated silk and monofilament

Reticulated wire has a great deal of performance on many sites in China. Monofilament has been popular in recent years. Because its appearance is closer to natural grass, its appearance is beautiful, and its wear resistance is slightly superior, and the price is usually higher than that of wire. The height of the lawn is usually 60mm in Europe and America, the height of the domestic custom is generally 40-55mm, the higher the height of the turf, the higher the cost, the increase of the supplementary material and the artificial cost, which can be used in general at about 50mm.

The weight of grass is usually divided into 6600DTEX, 8000DTEX, 8800DTEX, 9700DTEX, 1000DTEX, 15000DTEX and so on, which represents the gram weight of grass per 10000 meters. Usually, the football field is more than 8000DTEX. The density of 50mm grass is usually 10500 needle per square meter, but the density of the lawn is related to the weight and height, the higher the height or the higher the weight, the set density can be reduced properly. In short, the weight of grass is 1 kilograms per square meter.

The back glue of the bottom cloth: usually the back glue is styrene butadiene latex, the more high-end back glue is PU back glue. The difference lies in that the PU back glue is far higher than styrene butadiene latex, the appearance is bright, the waterproof performance is good, because PU back glue is formed once, the additive is less, so it is more environmentally friendly. However, the cost of PU gum is high, and the price of finished products will be higher than that of 20%-30%.

The type of bottom cloth is usually divided into composite bottom cloth and composite grid three layers of bottom cloth, and the tensile strength of the three layer bottom cloth is relatively higher.

The way of needle is usually divided into one word, needle and Z. The two way of needle walking can satisfy the requirement of using, but the Z word needle method makes the distribution of grass silk more uniform, and the adhesive strength of grass silk is higher.

2. The production method of artificial grass silk

The method of producing straw silk, the extrusion method and the crack film method are the same as the traditional spinning process. The melting body is extruded from the spinneret hole, and the size of the hole determines the thickness of the silk. Then the process of heating, stretching and so on will lose the product. This is an early point. The advantage is that the silk is symmetrical and the damage is small. The thickness of the wire can be changed by changing the diameter of the spinneret hole, and the thickness adjustment range is large. The shortcoming is that the production speed is slow and the output is low. The product that is lost by this kind of method is called extruding monofilament. The split film method is to lose a flat film through a wide and narrow die with a wide and narrow die. Then the film is narrowed into a narrow band according to the definite width and then reheated and drafted. If the narrow band is narrow enough, the drafting products can be used indirectly. The Sichuan artificial turf is called the split film monofilament, or it is necessary to turn the open mesh process to the end. The flexibility of progressive silk (depending on the mesh size is called reticular or reticulated monofilament). The advantage of this process is that the production is high. However, the silk is of less equality than the extrusion method, and the appearance damage is larger. Others are limited by key points, and the thickness of split filament is not as good as that of extrusion. The split membrane method is only suitable for polyethylene and polypropylene materials.