Professional gate court artificial turf features

- May 04, 2018-

The gate ball movement, as a new sport in recent years, has the characteristics of small venue, small amount of activity, easy-to-understand rules, safety, tactical change, and strong interest, and the sport can play a role in disease prevention, health, and the role of rehabilitation. High-strength concrete is used as the foundation of the artificial turf ground at the gateball court, and special high-density artificial grass is used as the surface layer. It is a new type of fashionable sports surface material. Because its service life is as long as 8-15 years or even longer, it will occupy a vast area in the future. market.

Shanghai Tianlu spring material company, in order to comply with the trend of market development, provides professional croquet golf courses. The characteristics of this lawn are: without rolling sandy monofilament, weaving needles and weave length of the grass weave, and the rough surface is rougher than the football field. Increasing the friction and avoiding the skidding of the grass when striking, also solved the problem of quicker ball speed after stepping on the straw. Applicable to: elderly activity centers, schools, communities, resorts, private clubs and other venues.

Gateball courts constructed with artificial turf have the following characteristics:

       1. The artificial turf of the gateball court has good elasticity and sufficient cushioning force;

       2, Artificial turf ventilate and permeable, greatly reducing maintenance costs, especially in line with the city's water-saving requirements;

       3, Artificial turf meets environmental protection requirements, because artificial turf can be recycled;

       4, Artificial turf can play a role in reducing noise, shock absorption, decompression;

       5. The artificial turf is filled with quartz sand, which makes the artificial turf more stable and does not contaminate the clothes and environment during sports.

       6. All the signs on artificial turf gates are directly woven and laid with artificial grass. They do not have to worry about frequent lines.

       7. The artificial grass material does not require high foundation, so it can be laid directly on concrete ground, asphalt ground, or even on hard sandy ground;

       8. Artificial turf is economical and practical, with short construction period, long service life, and almost no follow-up costs.